Adjusted the graph heights
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2007-09-28 Joey SchulzeCopy the menu CSS file as well
2007-01-10 Joey SchulzeSupport for PHP >= 3
2006-12-26 Joey SchulzeInstall .php files
2006-10-26 Joey SchulzeAdded favicon.ico from PHProject
2006-10-20 Joey SchulzeDistribute CSS file
2003-08-15 Joey SchulzeHmm, should have adjusted this before...
2003-08-15 Joey SchulzeThis should work for the other files as well, err...
2003-08-15 Joey SchulzeTreat the stats directory differently since it has...
2003-08-06 Joey SchulzeAdjustments for
2003-08-06 Joey SchulzeImported Makefile from