descriptionDebian package mod-auth-mysql
ownerJoey Schulze
last changeWed, 21 Jan 2009 18:00:20 +0000 (18:00 +0000)
2009-01-21 Joey SchulzeIncrease priority master debian/4.3.9-11
2009-01-21 Joey SchulzeFix CVE-2008-2384: Encode strings securely via
2008-12-26 Joey SchulzeAdded NMU disclaimer
2008-12-26 Joey SchulzeBumped standards version
2008-11-21 Joey SchulzeAcknowledge ftpmaster move from section web into net
2008-11-21 Joey SchulzeAdd support for specifying the connection character... debian/4.3.9-10
2008-11-21 Joey SchulzeApply patch properly via dpatch
2008-11-21 Joey SchulzeDocument disabling the group file in USAGE
2008-11-21 Joey SchulzeDocument disabling BasicAuth in USAGE
2008-05-21 Joey SchulzeInsert the copyright notice with names and note patches... debian/4.3.9-9
2008-05-15 Joey SchulzeAdjust the path for more recent debhelper debian/4.3.9-8
2008-05-15 Joey SchulzeFinalising
2008-05-15 Joey SchulzeFix old changelog entry, add linebreak to long line
2008-05-15 Joey SchulzeForward ported patch from Andi to Apache 2.x
2008-05-15 Joey SchulzeProvide an Apache authentication method
2008-05-15 Joey SchulzeClose the orphaning bug as well
11 years ago debian/4.3.9-11
11 years ago debian/4.3.9-10
12 years ago debian/4.3.9-9
12 years ago debian/4.3.9-8
12 years ago debian/4.3.9-7
12 years ago debian/4.3.9-6
12 years ago debian/4.3.9-5
12 years ago debian/4.3.9-4
12 years ago debian/4.3.9-3
12 years ago debian/4.3.9-2.1
12 years ago debian/4.3.9-2
12 years ago upstream/4.3.9
11 years ago master